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Here you will find all the information needed to book your show, or to learn and discover magic's secret through our magic workshops !

MAGIC CLOSE-UP Intimate magic for all your celebrations

The "close-up" is the art of magic at the table so close and intimate from the audience, and even in their own hand ! Discipline of magic known as one of the most complex. One of Majerik's specialties that allowed him to be selected at the French Magic Championship in 2015 in Besançon.  Mentalist, Majerik read your thoughts, predicts the future ...  Magical effects that are varied, striking, visual, modern and interactive, based on more than 30 years of passion for the prestidigitation.


The magic effects are specially selected for a child audience by their quality of interactivity leaving a preponderant place to the participation. 

Features: Duration 60 minutes - Stage - Age from 4 to 12 years



One Man Show Magic for an adult and family audience, on the theme of luck and game !
Stage show of one hour of mentalism and humorous mental magic very participative, combining mystery and comedy. A show of mentalism around emotions, games and web, you will love! 
Features: Duration 60 minutes (Stage - living room) - From 12 years old

WORKSHOPS  (Children - Business - Adult)

PRIVATE LESSON: Be the magician of your children. Amaze your friends. Become an illusionist ! Make your own program and magic show.

CHILDREN'S WORKSHOP: The children are introduced in a fun and educational way to the magic. Demonstrations and explanations, mathematical tricks, optical and Sensory illusions ...

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Majerik discovered illusion nearly his 10 years old and has fun to surprise his friends. Member of the Comtois Magic Circle of Besançon at the age of 18, this young magician continues his apprenticeship and deepened his mastery of the different aspects of the art of illusion.

In 2003 he stages his magic shows for Club Med. He then animates many magic workshops for adults and children, performs in close-up magic, a discipline of magic known as one of the most complex, at bars and restaurants. It is also his first steps on stage, accompanied by sound and light directors. This is the birth of the first "one man magic and interactive show" for the children of Majerik, who will continue to evolve until now!

In 2015, Majerik was selected for the French Magic Championship at the FFAP Congress (French Federation of Prestidigitators) in the close-up magic category in cartomagy (October 2015 - Besancon).

In 2017 and 2018 Majerik is selected for the "Close-up d'Or" competition under the chairmanship of Bernard Billis' jury (Le Plus Grand Cabaret) in the company of 11 other independent artists or members of the French team of magic.

Now Majerik performs for companies, communities, associations and individuals in France and abroad (French-English). Magician and creative, let yourself be seduced by its visual, modern and striking effects for the greatest happiness of all.

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