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Your lucky number

Would you like me to determine your lucky number?
Take a pen and a sheet of paper, and we'll see what we can do. Look at the numbers below. I would like you to copy it faithfully in your paper.

A        1       2         3        4
B        5       6         7        8
 C        9      10        11       12
 D       13     14        15       16


Good. Choose now any number in row A; circle the number of a circle and cross out the three numbers located beneath it. Choose now one of the three numbers still available in row B, surround it with a circle and cross out the two numbers that are under him. Circle one of the two remaining numbers in the row C and lock him who are under him. Finally, circle the number remaining in row D. Add the circled numbers and the result is your lucky number. Say it out loud.

Really interesting. Of all the possible combinations you are the only drive that led to the total of 34 !


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Bonus effect
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